Leaded Glass

What it is

Stained Glass has a rich history in being used in churches in the Medival times to modern art installations. In essence, stained glass is glass made with the addition of certain salts to add a colour, a stain, to the glass. A design template is drawn, mostly on paper that lays out the pattern and its colours. The glass is then cut to shape and assembled with other coloured pieces to finish the pattern. This is all joined together using a special lead which bonds each shaped glass piece to its adjacent pieces. the final glass is usually placed in a frame, although modern stained glass tend to seal the stained glass within a double glazed glass unit.


What we do

Our Stained Glass Division offers a wide range of colours and patterns available for the customer. Should the customer bring his own, we are able to cater to their design with the help of our in-house design team as well. Our stained glass artists will then make this glass using their traditional techniques.