The glass industry has developed over the years to allow for various uses of its products for customers looking to use it in different applications. In the Middle East, the challenging climate and work here has given rise to the demand of niches of products. We look at the most common types of glass available below.

Clear Glass

A sample of 10mm Clear Glass

This is the first and most common type of glass. It can be recognized by its mild green hue which can be seen if you put a pane of white paper next to a sample of glass. The coloring is due to a presence of iron oxides in the glass production and this glass is widely used and known as “clear glass”. This type of glass is used the world over from applications such as home windows to greenhouses.

Crystal Clear Glass

A sample of 10mm Crystal Glass

A variation of clear glass above, this glass is produced using a lower iron oxide combination leading to a clearer hue. This glass is used in applications where color reproduction is a major factor such as glass observation panes and jewelry store display units.

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate Glass is most commonly used for cooking utensils, and fire panes.

Borosilicate glass is made with the addition of Boron trioxide which greatly reduces its thermal expansion coefficient. This kind of glass is used in applications where temperature differences would cause normal glasses to shatter due to uneven expansion or contractions. It is used in furnaces and is very popular in glass cookware.

Lead Glass

An X Ray room utilizes Lead Glass for viewing panes for the hospital workers


A specialist type of glass that is mainly used in lab applications, leaded glass has lead inside it which greatly reduces radiation passing through it. It is used in hospital applications where windows are needed in X ray rooms and other radiography applications.

Tinted Glass

A sample of 12mm Tinted Glass


These glasses have minerals embedded into their chemical combinations which allow them to have a different colour to regular glass. Glasses like this come in many colour and are mainly used in decorative applications such as ornaments and in leaded glass.

Reflective/Solar Control

A Glass Building using Solar Control Glass

A type of glass that’s taking over the Middle East market is the solar control glass. In essence, it is a clear glass coated on one side with a thermal or light rejection coating and therefore can allow for lower light/thermal radiation to enter. Due to the nature of the hot climates in the region, this glass is solely used to reduce cooling costs of buildings.

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